How a New Water Pump System Pays for Itself

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If you’re a building owner and your facility has an old, domestic water pump system, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can pay for a new unit using the power savings you’ll get from switching to variable speed control. Not only will a new unit save you money each month, it also will be more reliable and require less maintenance. Don’t let your old water pump keep wasting your money and energy!


Old pump systems typically run at full speed with control valves, which is like driving with your gas pedal to the floor and slowing down by slamming on the brake. It works most of the time, but you waste a lot of energy. Old controls also don’t work as originally designed, so you may have pumps that run all the time and don’t shut down when there is no water usage. This puts extreme amounts of stress on your pump, which can lead to problems with reliability and need for repair.

One pump motor horsepower will cost you in excess of $1,000 in electricity usage per year to operate, so if you have a 10HP motor running all the time – well – you can do the math. That’s a huge amount of money your business can save, especially considering the bill wracking up year after year by your old pump. According to the Hydraulic Institute, 90% of the total cost of having a water pump comes from energy consumption. Even if you put the financial burden of your old pump aside, it is incredibly inefficient and is wasting large amounts of energy every day.


Enough with the bad news… let’s talk about the solution! A variable speed water pump is the key to saving your business money and energy, plus it’s more affordable than you may think! A new duplex pumping system costs about $20,000 to buy and install, meaning it will pay for itself in just a couple of years, then you get to keep the savings after that. The savings from converting from old constant speed controls to variable speed can provide a ROI (return on investment) payback in two years or less, depending on system size and water usage.

Variable speed pumps are all around more advanced and efficient than older models, continuously optimizing the pump speed and power consumption. Your business will see immediate benefits from the pump, including constant, reliable water pressure, ensuring your business has the best user experience. Your new pump will also be subjected to less stress due to its maximized efficiency, meaning a longer life cycle, less downtime, and a lower cost of maintenance for you.

Another huge benefit? Newer models are more intelligent than their dated counterparts, allowing business managers to remotely monitor and regulate water use. This can be helpful in increasing everyday efficiency, as well as in the case of an emergency, as you could respond quickly by remotely turning off the water systems to resist spillage and damage, or allocate the highest pressure to combating emergencies, should there be a fire or similar situation.

It’s time for your business to cash in on the opportunity to save money and energy by switching to a new water pump! If you’ve been putting off that replacement project, you may find that it’s not nearly as expensive as you originally thought. Get an estimate from us for getting you the newest technology in pumping systems, and watch the savings mount!