Sencillo™ Control Panels

The SencilloTM Controller is a state-of-the-art UL508A listed Industrial Control Panel designed specifically for variable speed fluid pumping control.

It is optimized for the variable speed sequencing of pumps, with automatic control to maintain a pressure set point.

What makes the Sencillo controller so unique are the setup and monitoring screens. The Sencillo screen designs make it amazingly simple to set up all parameters of variable speed operation without the need to make adjustments to the drives themselves. A unique sequencing graphics display shows users exactly when “add” and “shed” values are occurring for each pump (simplex through quadraplex) and in a smart way. The user can then monitor operations during startup to insure the system is uniquely tuned to maintain building pressure.

Standard Features

  • 7″ Color Touch Screen HMI
  • Thru-the-Door Disconnect Switch
  • PLC with Logic Software
  • Single-Point Power Connection
  • SensoGuard™
  • Smart Power Recovery™
  • Backup and Redundancy Logic
  • Alarm log and History of Pressure vs. Time
  • Spare Parts Screen
  • Maintenance Reminders
  • Control Circuit Protection
  • “Touch Safe” Design
  • Prewired Motors
  • Higher NEMA ratings
  • Drive Bypass Options
All Sencillo E, V and S Controllers feature the following control systems:

The Sensoguard™ system is a proactive controller monitoring system built into the control scheme. SensoGuard™ constantly checks status on all major components on the Sencillo™ controller, and reports general system health. It gives immediate feedback on any trouble spots or failures, to quickly and effectively warn the owner of potential issues. Also built in are a layered backup logic schemes, designed to keep your pump system in operation, and water pressure in the building, even in case of a major component failure.

Smart Power Recovery™. The Smart Power Recovery™ feature is a logic scheme that controls the pumping system immediately after a power failure. The feature automatically manages the pump startup sequence in a smart and measured way, to smoothly bring pumps back on-line and building pressure back up to set point. This features prevents common issues that occur immediately after power is restored to a building and the pumping system attempts to recover, such as pressure spikes, power over-amping, vibration, and pump damage.

Options Available

  • Higher Enclosure NEMA rating
  • Deadfront doors
  • Drive Bypass Packages
  • Communications Modules
  • Dual Pressure Transducer with Auto Switchover/Alarm
  • Remote Control and Monitoring from any Wi-FI Smart Device