What Sencillo™ Model Do I Need?

Here are some guidelines for selecting your pump system :

  1. Determine the total flow rate you need.  If you are sizing a domestic water system for a commercial building, you can use ENLACE, our on-line software package, which will prompt you with data needed to select the flow.
  2. Determine the output pressure you need.   If you need help, use the ENLACE on-line configurator. It will lead you through the steps.
  3. Determine how many pumps you want.     This is based on the question, “how much redundancy (a backup pump) do I need if one of my pumps fails?”   This is sometimes qualified by asking “how much will it cost my company if I lose water in the building for x hours”.  For hotels, customers won’t pay their bill if there is no water pressure for even a few minutes.
  4. Use the SYSTEM TYPE SELECTION CHART.  See the chart below to point towards the best pump  system type that is likely to work for you.
    • A Faster Speed (3500rpm) is less expensive than a slower speed (1750rpm).
    • Picking the best efficiency pump lowers the HP and the initial cost and the operating costs over the long run.  PAY ATTENTION TO PUMP EFFICIENCY!
    • In areas where a type V and type E system will work, the type E is generally a less expensive option.
  6. Check out multiple options.   If more than one pump style works, look at pumps from each model group, to see what pump is the highest efficiency and lowest HP.