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4 Hints That It’s Time to Replace Your Pump System

It is May, a time when many building owners are looking to plan some of those summer upgrade projects. One of the most popular is the domestic water pump system.
Here are FOUR HINTS that it may be time to replace your old pumping system.

1. Your Pump System Is a Teenager

TeenagerIf you’re a parent, you know what happens when our children hit that wonderful age called “THE TEENS”, where they begin to act weird and nothing seems to be the same around the house. There is lots of drama, and the old tricks to keep things on an even keel just don’t seem to work any longer. Your pump system has likely pumped millions of gallons of water by then, and just about every part of it is starting to get a little testy, just like a teen. When a pump system hits age 13, there are an entire list of reasons to consider trading it in for a newer model.


2. Your Control Panel Is Acting Like Uncle Fester

Fester Do you find yourself asking mysterious questions about your controller –
• “I wonder why Pump #1 has 20,000 run hours and Pump #2 has 14?”
• “Did you ever notice there’s a burning smell when Pump 3 runs?”
• “Is it me, or do we get a pressure spike at dinnertime, and the urinals on floor 8 start to vibrate and spit water?”
These are classic issues with the control panel, and the manufacturer wants no part of helping you do a repair job. It’s time to upgrade to a new system.


3. Getting Parts is Painful

FrustrationWhen the task of finding spare parts and components makes you feel like you’re stranded on a desert island, then you need to bite the bullet and find a rescue plan that moves you back to civilization.


4. The only thing holding it together is the rust.

rusted boltThere’s a small stream running through the mechanical room. Everything is leaking, and it’s impossible to disassemble without breaking bolts. Extending the life of your equipment is honorable, but let’s not overdo it. It owes you nothing, and now it’s time. Send it out to pasture.



Don’t Press Your Luck
While it might seem like a good idea to squeeze another month out of that old booster pump system, imagine what the first 24 hours would be like from the time you get the first phone call, saying “we have no water in the building. The pump system is not revivable”.
The stress, expense and hit to your operation can make that move look like a bad idea.

Pump Close Up

Sencillo Systems – September, 2013 Newsletter

Email Header - Sencillo Systems

Introducing… Sencillo™

Do you know how to program your DVD/VCR/TVO player?

If you are like millions of people around the world, the answer is an emphatic “are you kidding me?”


It is funny that this seemingly simple task is the benchmark for complexity, to the point that the majority of us simply cannot do it.  Or we have decided that the time it would take us to sit down with the owner’s manual and learn it is not on our “bucket list”, so we just do not try.

Why is that ?

The answer is easy - IT”S NOT SIMPLE !

Many companies spend decades developing their products and come up with some great technological advances.  But the one part of the product that they miss completely is “simple to use”.  The product is complicated to operate. 

Building an otherwise great product means nothing if the user is incapable of operating it.

At Sencillo, we started with “simple to use” as the ultimate goal.  The word sencillo is the Spanish word for “simple”.

Variable speed pumping systems are designed to pump a fluid smoothly, reliably and efficiently, maintaining only the speed required to deliver the end result – a pressure, a level or a flow.   They should have all the logic to handle the “what if” scenarios, but from the user’s viewpoint, should be simple to understand, and operate.

For more information on the entire Sencillo product line, visit

Distributors Wanted:

Sencillo™ Systems is currently seeking high quality and uniquely positioned distributor companies across the continential US to become sales channel partners.

Sales companies with strengths in the following markets are strong candidates:

  • Commercial Plumbing & HVAC
  • Industrial Pump Distribution
  • Municipal Water and Wastewater
  • Irrigation and Turf Management

Sencillo™ distributors have access to a unique web-based building pump system sizing program and quotation-generator tool called Enlace.  Enlace is a powerful state-of-the-art application designed for use with all computers and smart devices to make system design and quote generation fast and professional.

Sencillo provide all of the training, sales tools and presentation literature needed to immediately begin quoting projects and generating sales.

If you are interested in becoming a Sencillo™ distributor, please contact Tom Halley

Make life simple – choose Sencillo™





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