e-kon control panel

The eKonTM Controller is a state-of-the-art UL508A listed Industrial Control Panel designed specifically for variable speed fluid pumping control.

It is optimized for the variable speed sequencing of pumps, with automatic control to maintain a pressure set point.

The eKon controller has setup and monitoring screens like the Sencillo panel, but with components that are more economical. The Sencillo screen designs make it amazingly simple to set up all parameters of variable speed operation without the need to make adjustments to the drives themselves. A unique sequencing graphics display shows users exactly when “add” and “shed” values are occurring for each pump (simplex through quadraplex) and in a smart way. The user can then monitor operations during startup to insure the system is uniquely tuned to maintain building pressure.


  • 4″ Color Touch Screen HMI/PLC 
  • Thru-the-Door Disconnect Switch
  • Logic Software
  • Single-Point Power Connection
  • SensoGuard™
  • Smart Power Recovery
  • Control Circuit Protection
  • “Touch Safe” Design
  • Prewired Motors