How A Wall-Mounted Water Pump System Can Solve Your Space Issues

How A Wall-Mounted Water Pump System Can Solve Your Space Issues

If you’re a plumbing engineer, you’ve probably had a case where you already designed the building’s mechanical room, when suddenly you realize you need a booster pump – but there’s no floor space left.

It might be time to consider a wall-mounted water pump system.

There is frequently an open wall that can accommodate a pair of pumps and controller, and allow you to mount all that same equipment in a different configuration.

Wall-mounted booster pump systems are just as easy to install as a floor-mounted unit. They can be easier to repair, since the equipment is at or near chest level, saving the owner back pain during repairs.

Wall-Mounted Pump System Possibilities

The controller for a wall mount can either be frame-mounted and pre-wired or can be shipped loose and mounted in a different location in the room. The headers can be in a vertical configuration or in horizontal configuration. Piping can be connected to either end, making the piping job easy too.

  • For smaller systems (up to 3” headers) the frame can be bolted to the wall.
  • For larger systems, the frame will extend to the floor to handle the load.
  • For tight spaces, you can actually mount a system from the ceiling! It’s all in the frame design.

If you’d like to discuss your current space problem and get a conceptual drawing, contact us today.